On unexpected death, trauma, and becoming the wounded healer


On Sunday, while strolling through photos on Instagram, I found a photo taken by an old friend. She and I hadn’t talked in years, so when I read the words, “late husband” embedded in the description, I was startled.

Late husband?

I quickly flipped through her photos and read everything I could. Her husband had died in his sleep three months ago. Completely unexpectedly. He was only 40. 


Free Downloadable Poster: Lessons from a Tree


Today is my birthday and I’m regifting!

I made this poster several years ago and it seems the perfect giveaway for today.

To download your copy, all you have to do is click the image below and it will open a PDF poster you can print out and hang up (somewhere where it will inspire you).



Falling Down is Your Birthright: Why Do You Resist?


The leaves are falling and they whisper: falling down is your birthright. Why do you resist?

Why do you hang on, hold out, adhere to things that trouble you: a job, even if you dislike it, a relationship, even if it hurts you, a belief, even if you’ve outgrown it?

Falling down doesn’t have to be gruesome, with all of your guts hanging out for everyone to see and step

Rooting Ourselves in the Old and New to Feel Connected


“And how do we keep our balance? That I can tell you with one word: tradition.”
– Fidler on the Roof

As Samhain, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, and All Soul’s Day approach, I’ve been contemplating a way to create an ancestor-inspired feast to honor those who came before me.

This isn’t just sentimentality.

To truly effect healing in our lives, we need to remember our ancestors.

Prophetic Dreams of Nuclear War or an Opportunity to Choose a Better Path?


In 2007, I got some seriously bad news.

I was at Esalen with Robert Moss and we’d just done a shamanic journey in which I visited my ancestors.

It was the most realistic journey I’ve ever done.

I could feel the sea mist on my face; smell the mildew on the ships at port. I felt like I had physically transported to 17th century New England.

It was there that